The Crayon Initiative News


Bryan Ware

31 Aug 2023
| 3 min read

What Do Child Life Services Providers Do?

Did you know that The Crayon Initiative partners with more than 260 ch...

29 Aug 2023
| 2 min read

Ship Your Crayons through Staples

The Crayon Initiative and Staples Support Children’s Hospitals Through...

21 Apr 2023
| 1 min read

How to Recycle Crayons for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, colorful friends! Do you know how many unwanted crayo...

16 Mar 2023
| 2 min read

Why Recycling Still Matters

We’ve been recycling—and talking about recycling—for decades now. Is i...

13 Mar 2023
| 2 min read

Celebrating Creative Arts Therapy

Remember how much you loved to draw or paint or sculpt with clay when ...

07 Mar 2023
| 3 min read

Welcoming New Board Members

We are proud to announce the addition of three incredible women to our...

03 Feb 2023
| 2 min read

The Power of a Crayon: Meadow’s Story

On this World Cancer Day, we’re thinking of Meadow Farmer. When we got...

05 Nov 2022
| 2 min read

The Crayon Journey, Step #4: Into the Hands of Kids

Once our brand-new crayons arrive at one of our partner hospitals, it'...

29 Sep 2022
| 2 min read

The Crayon Journey, Step #3: Packing and Shipping

Once our freshly made crayons have cooled, it’s time to get them packe...

20 Sep 2022
| 2 min read

The Crayon Journey, Step #2: Sorting, Melting, Molding

Your crayons start their journey when you drop them in the mail. But w...