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29 Dec 2020

How to Explain Crayon Collection to Your Grandparents

How many times have you visited a restaurant and watched children gigg...

By Bryan
21 Sep 2020

Become a Crayon Initiative Expert by watching these 5 videos

We would love to help you become an expert on The Crayon Initiative by...

By Bryan
14 Sep 2020

From Around the Internet: 10 Schools Running Fabulous Recycling Programs

By Bryan
31 Aug 2020

How to Share Your Colors and About the Great Work The Crayon Initiative Does to a Skeptic

Over 60 million crayons get tossed every year. That adds up to over ha...

By Bryan
05 Apr 2018

Mother and Daughter Duo Pay It Forward at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts

For those with a sweet tooth for rich culture, exciting attractions, a...

By Cecile
14 Feb 2018

CSAA Insurance Group Employees Show True Colors with ‘North American Crayon Tour’

It’s a few minutes before 6am. The silence of the conference room is b...

By Cecile
18 Jan 2018

5 Simple Steps To Become A Crayon Advocate At Your School

Elizabeth Gannon has seen her share of broken crayons. As a preschool ...

By Bryan
14 Oct 2015
Share Your Colors | 2 min read

Am I "Happy"~A Checklist

I am a happy person by nature, but just like everybody else, I can sli...

By Bryan
20 Jul 2015
Share Your Colors Donate | 3 min read

How Long Is a Minute?

I never really took the time to think about “time” quite the way I do ...

By Cecile
22 Jun 2015

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Little Artists

In our crunched time of public spending and budget cuts, more often th...

By Cecile