The Crayon Initiative News

Written by Bryan
on September 21, 2020

We would love to help you become an expert on The Crayon Initiative by watching the 5 videos we have created for you below!

The Crayon Initiative is a nonprofit organization that has a mission of enriching the lives of children who are in the hospital. We try to brighten the lives of these children by sending them beautiful crayons. Donors like you, make this all possible! Let's explore these amazing 5 videos now below:

1. Crayons Make Us Smile!

As an individual or corporate donor to The Crayon Initiative, you really do not understand the joy that you bring to children who are hospitalized, until you see their smiling faces! In this video, we see just that. It is just a brief video of 22 seconds, but it captures the joy of a child whose life you're enhancing by sending your donations!


2. The Crayon Initiative mission explained by 5th Graders

This video is fantastic! Sometimes our donors don't really understand the impact they are making when they become a part of The Crayon Initiative family. So, we had our very intelligent 5th graders explain our mission! They really explain things much better than adults ever could, wouldn't you agree?


They also explain how we take existing crayons and recycle them into new crayons to give to children at hospitals. In fact, you even see the process we go through when we do the recycling. Kids love it!

3. TCI Video from BuzzFeed

We are very proud to have had this video featured on BuzzFeed! BuzzFeed loved The Crayon Initiative so much that they created this unbelievable video about our efforts that donors love.

It details our story, and the crazy idea our founder, Bryan Ware had for The Crayon Initiative. 

4. The Crayon Initiative's Mold Video

Speaking of the way we recycle old crayons into new ones for children at Hospitals around the country, this video shows more about how we do that! You can see our mold in this video, up-close and personal.

We want donors to get a first-hand feel for our process, so they can truly feel like a part of our family when they support The Crayon Initiative.

5. The Crayon Initiative

Why are crayons so powerful in making kids at hospitals happy? We explain that in this video.


We saw that they threw away so many crayons. Instead, we love when people donate them to us, so we can recycle them and give them a new home!

We thoroughly enjoy brightening the day of children all across the country, even if they are having a very tough time while being hospitalized, too. We appreciate our donors, volunteers, partners, and readers like YOU supporting us in our amazing mission!