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04 Jan 2021

How You Make an Impact When You Donate to The Crayon Initiative

In this fantastic article, we are going to share with you the 7 minor ...

By Bryan
21 Sep 2020

Become a Crayon Initiative Expert by watching these 5 videos

We would love to help you become an expert on The Crayon Initiative by...

By Bryan
31 Aug 2020

How to Share Your Colors and About the Great Work The Crayon Initiative Does to a Skeptic

Over 60 million crayons get tossed every year. That adds up to over ha...

By Bryan
25 Jan 2018

Crayons Bring Smiles Back To Over 37,000 Kids In 2017

With the help of our donors, corporate partners, and supporters, The C...

By Bryan
08 Aug 2017

Love On Display: How Art Therapy Helped Avery Find Purpose & Healing

“Avery is standing near the checkout station with her little display a...

By Bryan
23 Sep 2015

Corporations and Philanthropy

Perhaps you have witnessed the amazing exposure that we have been rece...

By Cecile