The Crayon Initiative News

19 Oct 2020
Activities for Kids Art | 1 min read

What No One Is Talking About: Art and Stress

The world has taken a much more serious tone in the last year. This is...

By Bryan
20 Jan 2017
Activities for Kids Art | 2 min read

The Crayon Initiative as a "Path"

Have you heard of Wonderment?

By Cecile
20 Jan 2017

Teaching Our Children About Thanksgiving

Soon we will gather around a large table with the people that are clos...

By Bryan
29 Sep 2015

Halloween and Little Feet

Finally, the seasons are changing! Here in California, as I am sure yo...

By Bryan
18 Aug 2015

Five Back-To-School Tips That Never Make the List

Once again the time is upon us, as the tans begin to fade, the last re...

By Cecile
22 Jun 2015

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Little Artists

In our crunched time of public spending and budget cuts, more often th...

By Cecile