The Crayon Initiative News

11 Jun 2024

Central Elementary School Scouts donate crayons to pediatric patients

Central Elementary School’s Girl Scout Junior Troop 1227 earns the hig...

11 Jun 2024

Lone Rock softball team ‘makes it reign’

The Lone Rock Reign’s U12 softball team learns life skills and the imp...

06 Apr 2024
| 2 min read

Coloring a Greener Future: How Every Crayon Counts

In the heart of The Crayon Initiative's mission lies a simple yet prof...

19 Dec 2023
| 5 min read

The Transformative Power of Crayons: Joshua Wu's Story

Today, we share a truly inspiring story from Joshua Wu, whose life was...

By Bryan
18 Sep 2023
| 2 min read

Child Life Departments: Creating a colorful Hospital Experience for Pediatric Patients

“I know that nobody really wants to be [in the hospital], so I think a...

07 Sep 2023
| 3 min read

Winner of The 2023 Golden Arrow Award

Since 2010, the California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC) has work...

31 Aug 2023
| 3 min read

What Do Child Life Services Providers Do?

Did you know that The Crayon Initiative partners with more than 260 ch...

29 Aug 2023
| 2 min read

Ship Your Crayons through Staples

The Crayon Initiative and Staples Support Children’s Hospitals Through...

28 Aug 2023
| 2 min read

The Most Colorful Benefit Concert in California

On August 12, we took to the rolling hills at Madrid Ranch for the Mel...

28 Jul 2023
| 3 min read

Giving Back at Any Age

One of the wonderful things about The Crayon Initiative is the opportu...