The Crayon Initiative News

Written by Bryan
on January 18, 2021

Some might say that recycling is anything but fun, but these hilarious videos about recycling are about to prove you wrong. At The Crayon Initiative, we turn to recycle to create fun that supports children's hospitals and sparks creativity. With one crayon donation, we trust recycling to expand our reach and help more and more children. Check out these hilarious videos about recycling to learn more about the process and have a little laugh in the meantime.

1. The Forgotten Can

Do you know what happens to a can when you drop it on the streets? Here's a funny video of its journey.

2. Extremist Recycling

While this video is a bit extremist, when you listen to it closely, everything it says seems to be true. While we still need to learn more about recycling and improve the process, reusing and recycling is always better than the alternative.

3. The Bottle's Journey

One lonely bottle embarks on a lifetime's journey to be recycled in this hilarious video.

4. Funny Recycling Ad

In this hilarious video about recycling, the advertisers show us it's never too early to learn about recycling or at least reusing.

5. Magic Wall Celebrates Recycling

Can you imagine a magic wall that celebrates recycling? In this funny video, a clapping wall cheers everyone who learns to recycle. Maybe our recycling bins should do the same.

6. Recycling Fail

In this funny cartoon, we learn all the things that can happen when we cannot stop for a second and recycle specific articles like a can of soda or a water bottle.

7. Breaking Up with Plastic

Part of recycling is also reusing. This video is a funny parody of a girl choosing to break up with single-use plastic. Would you break up with plastic?

8. Ready to Change

Single-use plastic is one of our environment's worst elements, and one thing we don't recycle properly. This funny video asks you to be ready to change and move away from single-use plastic.

9. Never Believed in Recycling

If you've never thought about recycling, this hilarious video is about to change your mind. Because, after all, we all need to experience something that truly shows us the value of recycling — like the smiles from kids when they receive our recycled crayons.

10. Crazy About Recycling

In this funny video, an engineer goes to extreme lengths to recycle items like a keyboard and a mouse. Would you go this far?

11. Recycling Prank

When these pedestrians decide to recycle some plastic bottles, they're met with a little surprise that scares one or more of them. This funny video about recycling is about to make you laugh a bit.

12. Making Recycling Fun

If recycling doesn't seem like something fun and exciting, maybe narrating a funny story like in this video will help.

13. Garbage Truck Fail

An automatic garbage truck has a simple job, but this one missed it. This footage video is too good not to share.

14. Recycling Automat

Have you ever thought about what happens behind a recycling machine? This video wants to shed some light.

15. Funny Recycling Video

This homemade recycling video with the recycling patrol will show you the many attempts it takes most of us to recycle.