The Crayon Initiative News

Written by Cecile
on January 20, 2017

Have you heard of Wonderment?

Ok, that’s a loaded question. We certainly hope that by now, wherever you are in your life, you have, at the very least, heard of actual wonderment. We will go so far as to truly hope to the depths of us that you have experienced wonderment in whatever forms it has crossed your path. Perhaps a sunset that left you speechless, an act of generosity that dropped your jaw from unexpectedness or a piece of art that achieved every artist's desire to move you emotionally; however this is not exactly the “Wonderment” that we speak of.

The Wonderment that are talking about here is a technology movement that is uniting children and their curious, unassuming nature as a vehicle for them to explore creative relationships with other kids across the globe through art.

The Wonderment actually say it best~ “Every time you explored, created or made a new friend, it made the world a whole new place, and in the DOES!”.

THE GIST: In The Wonderment (online), kids will create a “Bot” (or an avatar built like a robot) to build by their own tastes and desires. From there they will choose “Paths” in which to explore with their Bot, get inspired and submit art in a global community, proving that the world is truly at their fingertips and, like their imaginations, need no boundaries.

Well, how exactly does that fit in with the Crayon Initiative?

Our standalone goal, as an organization, is to keep used crayons out of landfills so that we can make them into brand new tools, distribute to children that can use them and allow them to breathe life into their own imaginations!

The synergy with a platform like Wonderment was so evident, that we could not wait to explore a partnership. On the grounds of us finding each other, we have become a PATH! Again, a “Path” is one of the selections that a child can make to explore. Our Paths are created by a team of highly creative folks here at TCI, and will house a variety of vehicles to connect kids Globally through their natural curiosity!

Once a child gets signed up with Wonderment, with the help of their parent of course, and once their Bot has been selected, they can choose The Crayon Initiative as one of the creative Paths to take! This path will include collaborative step-by-step art projects and contests like “Name a New Color” for the Crayon Initiative, or Global Pen-Pal campaigns, just to name a few.

By using Wonderment as a guide down the TCI Path, children will be able to view videos of projects, upload examples of their own work as well as view others projects around the world! They will be able to have open lines of communication with friends in India, Singapore, Africa, Iowa, or anywhere that creativity dares to dream to travel to.

At TCI, we will continue to create new Paths to fully explore the depths and heights that can be done with crayons, stop motion animation and any other means of uniting children through creative elements.

Art tears down conceived barriers, and re-defines perceptions. The child’s mind is not born with limits, and the power of nurturing this raw resource is limitless! A strong foundation for years of building can be catapulted through art and borderless interpersonal connections, and now with the creativity and passion of The Crayon Initiative teamed up with the technology of The Wonderment, a movement will be born!