The Crayon Initiative News

Written by Bryan
on February 22, 2021

PARKERSBURG, West Virginia (WTAP)- In spite of every disaster and event that has struck, it is heartwarming to see the dedication of volunteers that continue to donate crayons to hospitalized children. In Parkersburg, West Virginia, the local YMCA announced a crayon drive for the month of February to donate to The Crayon Initiative. 

The marketing and communication director, Meloney Victory, expressed interest in the program because it aligned well with the mission of YMCA and the community of families that were willing to support the cause. 

“We’re always looking for community-based projects, both local and national,” explained Victory. The project came about when Criss Welshans, the program director at the YMCA in Parkersburg, discovered The Crayon Initiative. “We just wanted to give back to the community,” said Victory. They decided that the best way to give back was by helping bring smiles to children in hospitals through crayons.

Victory noted that donating to The Crayon Initiative provided the perfect volunteering opportunity for families. “We have a lot of families that are already connected to the Y. And parents always hate those used up crayons that are just left everywhere in the house. So what better way to reuse those crayons than to recycle them, give them back, and help other children in need?” Victory pointed out.

The crayon collection drive has made a substantial impact on the community in terms of participation. Victory reported that so far, they have received four large printer boxes’ worth of crayons. 

Learn more about how to get your community involved in The Crayon Initiative by starting a crayon drive! Just one large box of donated crayons can produce enough boxes of crayons for more than 125 hospitalized children.