The Crayon Initiative News

Written by Bryan
on August 19, 2020

Children's hospitals around the world provide essential treatment and care for families each and every day. You've likely seen fundraising efforts for St. Jude and similar non-profits that help provide free and reduced-cost care to needy families, alongside investing in critical research. Of course, many people wonder: Will my donation really make any difference?

If you've ever considered sponsoring a children's hospital only to arrive at the conclusion that you simply wouldn't have the time or financial capacity to make a real impact, think again. Sponsoring a children's hospital is far easier than you think, and it can make a huge, lasting difference in the lives of countless children and their families.

You're Not Limited to Monetary Donations

While donating money directly to a children's hospital gives them the utmost flexibility when it comes to getting the supplies they need and covering necessary costs, monetary donations are far from the only way to help a children's hospital. If you're not in the position to make a cash donation, why not donate time or supplies instead?

Most children's hospitals have a number of supplies they need to continue operating, whether it's toys at Christmas time or essentials (like toilet paper and other products that they use in-house and provide to needy families). Additionally, you can partner up with an organization like The Crayon Initiative to get even more creative in your sponsorship.

Team Up to Make a Bigger Difference

Sponsoring a children's hospital doesn't put all the burden on you. In fact, teaming up with your community and partnering with an organization The Crayon Initiative will help you multiply your impact and make the biggest possible change in the lives of children and families.

You can set up a drive for all sorts of products, but when it comes to benefiting children's hospitals, specifically, one of the most creative, direct, and impactful ways to do it is by running a crayon donation drive. While this alone may not fulfill your corporate social responsibility goals, it's a brilliant start if you're looking for an accessible, reasonable, and achievable means of sponsoring children's hospitals across the country.

Run Your Own Crayon Donation Drive

Did you know that collecting just one large box of crayons can produce 8-packs for over 125 hospitalized children? You can even request boxes for your drive directly from The Crayon Initiative, making setup as easy as can be. As you collect crayons from yourself, employees, and customers, you'll be spreading the word about a monumental project all while keeping crayons out of landfills and bringing smiles to children's faces across the nation.

You can learn more about The Crayon Initiative and get started with the collection process by going here. It's truly one of the easiest ways to get involved, support a children's hospital, and bring the love of color, creativity, and art to children in need.