The Crayon Initiative News

Written by Bryan
on March 16, 2021

It’s never fun when you’re hospitalized, more so when you’re a child with a boundless zest for life. There’s nothing enjoyable about being stuck in bed and hospital clothes, all while being away from your friends. However, there are many ways that we can improve the hospitalization experience for the brave little ones. 

Unfortunately, a ton of inaccurate “advice” gets circulated about how much we can help when it comes to helping hospitalized children. The truth is, there’s much we can do to make things better, and it all begins with addressing the most common misconceptions.

You’re just One Person 

Some people may devalue your contributions as a Samaritan, claiming that there’s not much you can do as a single person or small group. But think of all the greatest inventions and societal contributions in history. You’ll realize most of them stem from the efforts of a few people who made a difference. 

Rather than standing around and doubting your commitments to the cause, make a positive donation and experience the change for yourself. Arrange for a visit to a local children's hospital, attend their activity programs and witness the genuine smiles and laughter of the beneficiaries. 

They Don’t Benefit the Children 

Money can be a touchy topic for some individuals, and it’s understandable for a person to assume (and perhaps use as an excuse) that donations for hospitalized children do not directly benefit them. There’s a concern that the donated sum goes “somewhere else,” ultimately benefiting everyone but the children. 

If donations make you worry, speak to the people involved and get the facts clarified. Visit the official websites of the organizations/institutes (i.e. children's hospitals, schools, nonprofits) involved. Check for testimonies from past donors and beneficiaries. Grasp a better idea of the donation process, and request transparency at all times. Every charitable cause comes with its unique set of practices and clauses, you deserve all the information you need to contribute your time, effort, and hard-earned money.  

You Need Lots of Money 

Money shouldn’t equate to generosity. There are many non-monetary ways to help hospitalized children. So, there’s no need to become wealthy before making a donation. The best part about donations is that any person can make a significant difference by taking the first step toward contributing. 

Some wonderful non-monetary ways to help hospitalized children include: baking and delivering festive cookies during the season of giving, sending them get-well-soon cards, and volunteering at the local hospital. We at The Crayon Initiative believe in enriching lives with the magic of art with crayon donation and remanufacturing an endless supply of drawing materials for the children. 

You Can’t Improve the Situation 

Pessimistic people may proclaim that there’s no proper way to make hospitalization more bearable. Yes, there is the inevitably tedious and painful process of getting better, but donors can help by providing distractions and “happy moments” that transport young minds away from their immediate situation. 

For that reason, it’s common for children's hospitals to hire singers, balloon sculptors, clowns, and dancers to make their rounds about the children's wards to offer a dose of entertainment. Reports have emerged, sharing that happiness provides a plethora of health benefits such as improving wound healing while strengthening cardiovascular and immune systems. 

The Crayon Initiative offers hospitalized children a creative outlet, enabling them to express themselves freely through interactive art programs. Aside from establishing a sense of normalcy during hospitalization, the crayon donation initiative imparts critical thinking and problem-solving skills to keep young minds positively and actively occupied. 

Additionally, The Crayon Initiative believes in safeguarding the precious environment by recycling used crayons and reducing noxious, wax-based sludge that chokes landfills. We made our special crayons with the needs of children in mind, with quality and size for a good firm grip as they create their visual masterpieces. 

If you’re ever in doubt over your heartfelt donations, remember that every kind gesture goes a long way toward brightening up a child’s day. Our initiative helped over 430,000 patients and counting. Your participation will help reach out to more lives and bring smiles to their faces. Together, we can make a significant difference in spreading comfort and joy throughout the most trying times.