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Written by Bryan
on January 11, 2021

Children’s hospitals are turning to social media more than ever. Add some goodwill to your Twitter feed with these hospitals.

Spend enough time on social media, especially on the philanthropic side, and you’ll find more children’s hospitals making a presence. Their feeds can provide a wealth of information on current health issues (lots of pandemic guides lately) and share pictures of children in their care.

The hospitals listed below would make great additions to your Twitter feed. As a bonus, all of these hospitals are crayon recipients for The Crayon Initiative!

Children’s Hospital Association @hospitals4kids

Why follow one hospital when you can follow several? The Children’s Hospital Association includes over 200 hospitals around the country. Their comprehensive article offerings include posts on mental health issues such as children’s anxiety.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia @ChildrensPhila

One of the world’s top pediatric healthcare organizations, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has a wealth of information in their feed. Learn about everything from COVID-19 to tips for a good night’s sleep.

Children’s Health @childrens

This Dallas-based hospital confirms Santa did indeed get vaccinated for COVID - right in their own facility! Visit this feed for more pictures of Santa visiting the children.

Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation @FriendsofPCH

Come to this feed for a look at where hospital donations go. Stay for the pictures of smiling children.

Primary Children’s Hospital @primarychildren

This Salt Lake City-based children’s hospital posts many heartwarming patient stories on their feed.

Medical City Children’s Hospital @MedCityChildren

Another children’s hospital based in Dallas, this award-winning facility posts informative articles and easy-to-understand animations. You’ll also find plenty of newborn baby pictures, as their facilities birth one out of every 17 babies in the country.

Children’s Wisconsin @childrenswi

The Milwaukee-based Children’s Wisconsin feed posts heartwarming patient recovery stories, COVID vaccination pictures, and photos of smiling children. One young patient even wrote a poem that’s now immortalized on Twitter.

Advocate Children’s Hospital @advocatekids

It appears Santa made a stop here too, and you’ll see him visiting newborns and congratulating new families.

Rady Children’s Hospital @radychildrens

This California-based children’s hospital puts its heroic staff in the spotlight. Here you’ll see praise for one particular lab assistant fighting the COVID-19 pandemic since it began.

Boston Children’s Hospital @bostonchildrens

Here you’ll find out about your COVID-19 “transmission footprint” and the mental health effects of the pandemic. You’ll also find inspiring stories about young patients whose lives were saved. Be sure to check out the facility’s blood donation Twitter feed also at @BCHBloodDonor.

Shriners @shrinershosp

If you’ve turned on a TV at all this year, you’ve likely heard of this hospital already. Their care is more specialized but the children’s stories are no less heartwarming!

St. Jude @StJude

Another well-known children’s hospital, this facility specializes in pediatric cancers. Visit this feed to see children of all ages fight cancer and win.

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