The Crayon Initiative News

Written by Bryan
on October 05, 2020

Looking to spend your Corporate Social Responsibility budget wisely? Here's how The Crayon Initiative can play a role.

#1 Make a Direct Donation

Monetary donations to The Crayon Initiative help support the remanufacturing and distribution of all the crayon donations we receive. Just $25 can help us handle 1,600 crayons, creating 8-packs for over 200 hospitalized children by covering the cost of sorting, unwrapping, and remanufacturing donated crayons.

#2 Run a Crayon Donation Drive

Any business can do its part by running a crayon donation drive, encouraging community members to donate crayons. Your business will then send them in on behalf of the community. You'll only have to pay shipping and we can even provide boxes if you don't have your own containers.

#3 Sponsor Our Work

Being a large donor will classify your business as a sponsor, giving you all sorts of sponsorship perks — such as a sponsored, branded website feature along with branded signage to go at your collection points.

#4 Invest in Outreach

Getting other businesses onboard with The Crayon Initiative's work is a wonderful way to check off your CSR goals while ultimately making a large, widespread impact on children's lives across the nation. Spreading the word truly is one of the best ways to get people involved and help multiply The Crayon Initiative's impact.

#5 Educate Your Community

Taking the time to educate your customers and community about The Crayon Initiative is a way to directly and indirectly support our mission while spreading the word about your own company and the good things it's doing, too. You'll also inspire others to do their part in helping out causes like this one, truly multiplying your impact for children's hospitals and children everywhere.

#6 Get Your Local Hospital Involved

Does your local children's hospital need support? Finding ways to get involved with them will directly aid your community, as will getting them signed up for The Crayon Initiative.

#7 Donate Crayons Directly

Collecting crayons from throughout your community is one of the best ways to make sure The Crayon Initiative has enough to send out to hospitals across the country. Do your part to get involved. If you're interested in learning more about what we do and how you can help, reach out to us or have a look around to see how you can support our movement of bringing art and creativity back into the lives of hospitalized children across the nation.