The Crayon Initiative News

Written by Bryan
on December 14, 2020

The Crayon Initiative is in need of widespread support to keep the mission going. If you think you might be in the position to help, here are 17 signs to confirm it.

1. You have spare crayons.

The driving force of The Crayon Initiative is the donation of used and unwanted crayons. Family restaurants that give crayons to young guests are ideal sources.

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2. You have CSR goals.

Businesses with corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals will love The Crayon Initiative, as it supports children's hospitals and reduces waste.


3. You can run a collection.

Having the capacity to run a crayon donation drive is all it takes to get involved.


4. You want to sponsor.

Businesses with a sponsorship budget can support the initiative and get lots of perks in return, including a branded website feature.


5. You need tax deductions.

Businesses and individuals alike can benefit from tax deductions as a result of their donations.

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6. You're a community leader.

Those in a leadership role within their community are in the perfect position to inspire donations from individuals and businesses.

7. You have the capacity to educate.

If you have time to spread the word, simply telling people about The Crayon Initiative can help you multiply your impact.

8. You're associated with a Girl Scouts troop.

There's no better way to earn the Community Service badge than by participating in The Crayon Initiative.

9. You're part of a school board.

Every year, schools throw away hundreds of crayons. If you can help a school get involved, you should definitely get on board.

10. You're against waste.

Crayons turn into a waxy sludge when thrown into landfills and are by no means biodegradable. So, anyone against waste should definitely be a supporter.

11. You need activities.

If you're a school or troop in need of more service-oriented activities, supporting The Crayon Initiative allows for word-of-mouth, collection, and signage creation opportunities that give kids plenty of learning situations.

12. You want to inspire student outreach.

Running a crayon collection can inspire and enable students to learn about community outreach by encouraging them to get involved, not just by donating crayons, but by informing local businesses about the drive. They can ask for them to participate by donating crayons, for instance, or ask for them to cover your drive's shipping costs.

13. You're passionate about children's causes.

Crayons may seem like a simple thing, especially to an adult. But when you're reminded of the joy something as simple as drawing can bring into a child's life, it becomes apparent how important crayons are for hospitalized children.

14. You've missed opportunities to offer support.

If 2020 meant stepping away from community and service activities like volunteering due to hygiene concerns, supporting The Crayon Initiative is a safe way to get involved again.

15. You don't have time to volunteer.

When you don't have time to volunteer, getting involved in a project like The Crayon Initiative in your own way (be it through a monetary donation, spreading the word, etc.) can really help you feel like you're making a difference.

16. You are wary of making monetary donations.

If you're wary about making monetary donations because you wonder where your money will actually go, just remember that 100% of your crayon donation ends up in the hands of needy children.

17. You want to spread art and creativity.

Giving a child a box of crayons may not seem like much, but to an isolated child going through recovery, it can mean the world. The Crayon Initiative realizes its impact on the arts and childhood creativity, and we constantly emphasize it.

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