The Crayon Initiative News

Written by Bryan
on March 02, 2021

The Crayon Initiative is all about recycling used crayons into new crayons for kids in hospitals, all over the country. Donating to The Crayon Initiative means supporting a great cause. But why do so many individuals and corporations give their support to TCI so willingly? Here are 15 undeniable reasons why folks love The Crayon Initiative.

1. Good for the Environment

Every year, 60 million crayons get thrown away, usually ending up in a landfill. They become a waxy mess that takes ages to biodegrade, which is not very good for the environment! Ensure your crayons get recycled and given new life by taking part in crayon donation. 

2. Good for the Future

Protecting the environment now means protecting it for future generations, including our kids. More than this, when our kids and our families see us taking steps to be kinder to the environment, it inspires them to do the same. Share your good news stories about helping The Crayon Initiative and be an environmental hero.

3. Good for Kids

Kids love crayons, and the more crayons we recycle, the easier it is for kids to access them. Some kids in children's hospitals never had access to color and express themselves through art until The Crayon Foundation started sending along their recycled crayons.

4. Good for Hospitals

Hospitals often need a little extra support to help the children in their care. Crayon donations mean hospitals can add art programs into their strategy for helping children recuperate.

5. Good for the Community

Organizing a crayon donation means bringing a community together, working with schools, kindergartens and restaurants to collect crayons — while having some fun!

6. Good for You

Boost your self-confidence and networking skills by getting involved with crayon donation. Learn how a nonprofit works, get involved with children’s hospitals, and make some amazing new friends.

7. Good for Corporations

Get your company some publicity by partnering with a nonprofit that brings meaningful support to kids in hospitals all over America. But, more importantly, donating crayons is…

8. Good for Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is more important than ever. Encourage a culture of community and environmental sustainability among your employees. Work toward your company’s environmental and social goals by supporting a nonprofit that helps with both.

9. Good for Families

People of all ages can get involved with crayon donation. Whether you work at a children’s hospital, or are a parent of a child at a local school, there’s something you can do. Get your family working together to collect crayons or even volunteer — wherever you are in the world!

10. Good for Volunteers

Volunteering with TCI can mean anything from hosting an event to raising publicity. Get in touch to find out what you can do.

11. Good for Life Skills

Some volunteers get more than just a good feeling. Gain life skills ranging from interacting with people to sorting and organizational skills, just like previous volunteer James Granieri.

12. Good for Child Development

Art improves motor skills, social skills, creativity, and self-confidence for childhood development. TCI helps ensure even kids in hospital for extended periods of time don’t miss out on these skills.

13. Good for Schools

Schools can reduce their waste by donating crayons, and better yet, they know they’re having a positive impact on the environment. It’s a teaching opportunity to get kids as young as kindergarten age involved in learning about how to help others and the planet. 

14. Good for Mental Health

Being in the hospital can be scary and distressing for kids. The presence of crayons helps ease anxiety and normalizes the idea of having fun and playing in the hospital environment.

15. Good Fun!

TCI is always producing fun stuff, like our Stay-At-Home playbook designed to give the whole family something fun to do while safe at home. Plus, donating crayons and joining TCI’s cause brings joy to sick children everywhere.

TCI is always ready to hear from new donors and volunteers, so get in touch and let us know which of our top 15 reasons to love The Crayon Initiative resonated with you the most.