The Crayon Initiative News

Written by Bryan
on March 11, 2021

Ever wonder where the crayons donated to The Crayon Initiative actually go? Here's a look at some of the hospitals we donate to and facts you might not know about them.

1. All The Hospitals Are Part of CHA

CHA, or the Children's Hospital Associate, is a trusted organization that oversees the work of countless children's hospitals. We require hospitals to be a part of the CHA network in order to receive crayon donations from us.

2. Our Hospitals Are All Over The United States

Currently, we're only working with hospitals in the United States who are part of the CHA. However, we hope to one day expand our reach to all of North America and beyond.

3. Most Hospitals Are On The East Coast

Our program has certainly spread to the East Coast more quickly, but we have participants stretching from East to West — and even as far West as Hawaii.

4. Our Impact Reaches as Far North as Providence, Alaska

The northernmost hospital in our network at this time is The Children's Hospital at Providence in Alaska. With a NICU, PICU, and Maternity care ward, it's one of the most well-equipped children's hospitals in the state.

5. We Help Hospitals in Almost Every State

Our network consists of hospitals across the nation, with hospitals in almost every state. Some of the rare exceptions include Wyoming, although all of its border states have multiple hospitals participating in the program.

6. Hospitals Big and Small Receive Donations

Shriners is likely a name you recognize, and its Honolulu location is just one of the locations that we support. However, smaller hospitals are also in our network and in fact, make up the majority of our donations.

7. We Support The Nation's Largest Children's Hospital

Texas Children's Hospital, which has over 465 beds in use, is one of the largest in the nation, and we're proud to support them with crayon donations.

8. Crayons Are Distributed Based Solely on Need

A hospital's size isn't the only thing that determines how many crayons we send. We also factor in their financial need and ability to acquire supplies by other means, helping us provide the most even, fairest distribution possible.

9. We've Never Lost a Hospital

All hospitals that have signed up for the program are still receiving crayons to this day! All of them have seen a continual impact from our crayon donations. 

10. Our Crayons Greatly Reduce Anxiety

We love it when hospitals come to us to share their stories and gratitude for the donations. One of the best outcomes is hearing about how they greatly reduce anxiety for hospitalized children.

11. Children See Improved Recovery and Development

There's a reason why children's hospitals invest in toys, playtime, and art projects. They boost recovery and aid in continued childhood development throughout the period of hospitalization.

12. Crayon Donations Save More Than Money

Most hospitals who buy crayons with their own budgets purchase large bulk packs to save money. University of Maryland Children’s Hospital is one example, sharing how picking and sorting crayons for individual kids used to take away critical hours from staff.

13. The Impact is Far-Reaching

Parents and staff who get to learn about the crayon initiative have often gone on to start their own collection drives because they've seen the results first-hand, much like Shannon Joslin.

14. Hospitals Appreciate Our Sterile Packaging

Since we re-manufacture crayons through a rigorous recycling process, hospitals have the peace of mind of knowing that everything is safe and sterile for their children.

15. We Get New Applications All The Time

We want to help as many hospitals as possible, which is why it's tough for us to turn hospitals away. Unfortunately, some requests come through that we're simply not able to fulfill yet due to a lack of supplies. If you're interested in getting involved and learning more about recycling, consider running a crayon donation drive.