The Crayon Initiative News

Written by Bryan
on February 01, 2021

It’s hard to know what to give the person who wants to give back. Why not help them help children’s hospitals?

We all have that friend (or two) who wants to save the world. It’s easy to see why. Giving to charitable causes makes you feel good in more ways than one.

Making children smile is one cause everyone can get behind, and many of the gifts on this list will help the social impact lover you know do just that.

Donation in Their Honor

Sometimes simplest is best. Give a cash donation to The Crayon Initiative in your friend’s name and share your goodwill with them.

A Day of Volunteering

Maybe your friend isn’t satisfied with their name on an envelope. If they’d be happier with the chance to do something meaningful, consider signing them up to be a Crayon Advocate! Keep an eye on the calendar of events or give them everything they need to start their own local fundraiser, beginning with leave-behind cards and collection boxes. (Read on for details!)

Cotopaxi Daypack

To help carry supplies on those all-day volunteering events, consider one of these travel bags. You’ll be giving back in the process: this company uses the proceeds from each sale for a grant program for community development in several countries.

The Crayon Initiative Branded Clothing

Of course, you can benefit The Crayon Initiative directly by choosing gifts from our store. These branded items could also spark curiosity in others and help get the word out about our colorful cause.


Choose a black trucker hat or a flexible cap in black or navy blue.


Stay safe with style. This mask also has adjustable ear loops for comfort.


These shirts come in a variety of colors from light gray to black.


Available in gray and black.


A colorful silicone glass that works well with hot and cold beverages.

734 Coffee

If you need something to put in that cup (and fuel your loved one for more volunteer events) consider buying a pound of this coffee. The company’s founder, a former refugee himself, gives a portion of the proceeds of this fair-trade coffee to fund education programs for refugees in Sudan.

Amazon Gift Card

If your socially conscious friend is hard to shop for, an Amazon gift card can cover just about anything. But not so fast! Be sure to buy it through Amazon Smile, listing The Crayon Initiative as your beneficiary.

Love Your Melon Hat

Half the profits from every one of these hats sold goes to benefit children’s cancer treatment.

Adult & Child Coloring Books

The Crayon Initiative offers a free coloring book to keep kids occupied. But adult coloring books of all kinds exist on the market. Break open a new pack of crayons for these books and donate the nubs when you’re done!

St. Jude Chenille Throw

Half of the purchase price of this throw blanket goes directly to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Little Loving Hands Subscription

A subscription box for kids will keep them busy and looking forward to each new month. It includes crafts they can finish and donate, and life lessons like promoting kindness.

Nimble iPhone Disc Case

For those all about recycling, Nimble makes these durable phone cases from old CDs.

New App Suggestions

This “gift” is almost cheating as it comes without a price tag, but tipping off a friend to one of these apps can help them give back more easily. Apps range from facilitating donation to teaching gratitude or information about a new cause.

Avery the Lamb

One doll from Cuddle + Kind provides 10 meals for hungry children around the world.

Children’s Hospital Books

Help ease children's anxiety of hospitals by gifting one of these books.

Collection Boxes and Leave-Behind Cards

Finally, help facilitate crayon donation and give your friend a cause to give back to with leave-behind cards and collection boxes. Leave a card and a box behind at a willing business, and mail off the donated crayons when you’re ready.

About The Crayon Initiative

The Crayon Initiative recycles old crayons and sends them to children’s hospitals across the country. We’re helping the environment and brightening the lives of hospitalized children. Learn more about our mission here.