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07 Mar 2018

UVA, Volunteer Unite The Community Through Crayon Collection Drives

There are few bonds as strong as those between siblings. The friendshi...

By Cecile
18 Jan 2018

5 Simple Steps To Become A Crayon Advocate At Your School

Elizabeth Gannon has seen her share of broken crayons. As a preschool ...

By Bryan
24 Aug 2017

A.C. Moore Presents The Crayon Initiative With Thousands Of Crayons And A Check For More Than $19K

A.C. Moore’s “Share Your Colors” event takes step towards helping pati...

By Bryan
08 Aug 2017

Love On Display: How Art Therapy Helped Avery Find Purpose & Healing

“Avery is standing near the checkout station with her little display a...

By Bryan
08 Aug 2017
Collect Crayons | 1 min read

Heavy Lifting: Why It's Impossible To Weigh Every Box And Respond

Two of the most common questions we receive at The Crayon Initiative i...

By Bryan
26 Aug 2015

But I'm Just a Server

Let’s have a quick “get to know the voice” moment. My name is Tobin an...

By Tobin
18 Aug 2015

Five Back-To-School Tips That Never Make the List

Once again the time is upon us, as the tans begin to fade, the last re...

By Cecile
28 Jul 2015
Collect Crayons Recycling | 3 min read

5 Ways to Save Our Planet, Today!

The very first time that I heard the term “carbon footprint”, my thoug...

By Bryan