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03 Sep 2015
Art | 2 min read

What is Art?: part 3

So at this point we have reached the understanding that “art” is emoti...

By Bryan
03 Aug 2015
Art | 3 min read

Is Food Art?

Welcome back to our monthly series of BLANK as Art! As a recap, this i...

By Bryan
06 Jul 2015
Art | 3 min read


Admittedly, Googling “what is art” was an exciting venture for me. At ...

By Bryan
01 Jul 2015
Art Children's Hospital | 3 min read

Art Does Heal

The process of gathering crayons and recycling them is a multi-tiered ...

By Bryan
22 Jun 2015

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Little Artists

In our crunched time of public spending and budget cuts, more often th...

By Cecile
15 Jun 2015
Art | 4 min read

The Color of Music (pt. 1) Flowers Are Red

The visceral feel and smell of a crayon can bring any adult back to an...

By Bryan